The BOX!

Here is Sophie...playing like a maniac in a paper box...she seems to have no problems being in, out or upside down in the box. Lately, I have been having "box" troubles of my own. The idea of being outside of the box or "comfort zone" is not as fun as it is when you are 2!

Friday ends my work at the elementary school and I am starting to feel the anxiety of the whole situation. I am not really sure where I am supposed to be on Monday morning or how much I will miss the kids I have been working with for the last 5 years. This switch is right for myself and my family, but it is scary to actually go through with it.

I have been looking so forward to the new job, I don't think I actually thought about ending the old one. With the end of the old job comes the end to relationships that have become very important to me.

Not just the children I've helped, but the co-workers I have grown so close to. Helping kids learn to read, or hearing words come from a little girl's mouth for the first time, yes those are things I will have a hard time leaving. However, the following are the areas I'm not sure I can handle leaving behind just yet...Who will listen to my insane "problems" and laugh at my "too crazy to be made up" OCD stories? Who will I make fun of for their lack of computer skills? Will I ever find someone who understands my mother issues the way Gerianne does?? I doubt it!

Am I ready to be outside of that box?? I am not totally sure, but I am excited about what lies ahead. So, although I am leaving this job for a better one; I could have made no better friends than those made at DES and for that I am grateful!