Long time no see...

Busy times at our house, probably like everyone else's homes too!

First of all lots of people wondering about the new job...well one month in and I still LOVE it. It just seems to me to be about the perfect combination of driving in my car listening to Cd's, chatting about food, eating food, and meetings with people that I find interesting. It also gives me more time to be more like the mom I wanted to be... at home more, keeping a cleaner(still not clean) house, less stressed out, working out more, going to Owen's school more, etc. I guess the constant change is good for me! Trevor and the kids have noticed too so that is a great feeling. I made the right decision! I do miss the people at school, but I still can have lunch with them or sub there from time to time so I get my fix.

We have been preparing for the holidays. This year, Trevor and I are trying a few changes. Not only are we going to really cut back on the amount of money we spend, but we are going to adopt a family to buy things for. We wanted Owen & Sophia to experience how good if feels to help others less fortunate, and to make Christmas about GIVING and not about GETTING a million and a half gifts. Sophia is really too young to care, but so far Owen has had mixed reviews. For five years-Christmas has been about presents, and to change his way of thinking from him to someone else is going to take time. The more we talk about it & involve him, the more on board he gets. We should have been smarter from day one and thought like this, but like Owen, Trevor and I are growing up too. Personally, I think kids from an early age should to be aware of the needs of others. It is never too early to get them involved! Ask us in January how it went!

With hunting, and working at Gundry the weekends go by really fast. We had Eric & Adrienne, Jenni & Jared, and Summer here last weekend. It is funny how much fun we all have together; considering we fought like CATS & DOGS as kids. We all got together for Grandpa Ross's 88th birthday on Sunday. I watched Oprah last week with the Osmond Family, and thought their family's love for their father was amazing. The show was dedicated to him-all of his kids, grand kids, and great grand kids were there. He was 90 something and had just died that week . Seeing Grandpa, with all of the kids, kind of reminded me of them. Now yes, the Osmonds are Mormon. So it is safe to say there was far less pre-marital sex, bar fighting and divorces in Utah with them. However, our love for the man who started it all was undoubtedly as great as theirs. With that said, I think if we could only form a boy band and capitalize off of this we'd be all set. I can totally see Travis and Jed in a duet of "I'm A Little Bit Country-I'm A Little Bit Rock & Roll"!!