Most winters I am really saddened we don't get snow like we did when we were kids. It seemed that we got a decent amount of snow once a week or so. (Now do not quote me on that since I have blocked out most of my childhood!)
The last few winters we've gotten like 2 inches in all of December. This week though we gotten like 10 effing inches of snow! It is starting to piss me off. Tonight I had big plans....getting groceries!! Jealous??? Saturday night spend in Piggly Wiggly! Believe me, it is not the freezing dairy section that I am pissed about missing out on tonight. It was my hopes of feeding my kids a normal dinner.

At first, I wasn't too worried 'cause I found a box of frozen waffles, then I noticed that syrup was #4 on my list. Now because of Mother Nature and her alone (it has nothing to do with my shitty planning and procrastination) Owen & Sophia are eating an array of pantry misfits and freezer delights! I thawed some frozen strawberries to put on the waffles, and Trevor is grilling a pork tenderloin. It is kind of like brunch at night! What would that be?? linner or dunch??

Now, I am grateful that I can feed the kids something, I mean we could probably live on all the stuff we have for a month. But this is not a good showing for a mother working part time...as a nutrition educator.