September already, REALLY??

Here are some recent pictures from our end of summer fun.

I cannot believe how fast time flies by. We had lots of fun this summer, but I think we are all ready for the calmness that is the school year. I can only say that because our kids are not old enough to be in sports, plays, and other school related activities. For now the 9 months that are not summer are fairly easy.

Owen started 1st grade on Tuesday and seems to be enjoying it so far. We are still struggling with bedtime and morning routines, but we should have that licked in a week or so. He will start to bring homework home next week. CRAZY! He had no desire to sign up for flag football, which is just fine with us. He'd rather play outside looking for snakes or bugs than an organized game of football. Although, I question how organized a Kindergarten thru 4th grade football league would be.

Sophia is crazier that ever. She is the best Mommy around and is constantly showing me her pushed out belly, telling me that there is a baby in there. Owen informed her just this morning that she won't have a baby in there until she is a teenager! Which to be honest, was a bit unsettling. We recently went to the Dells and this girl was flying down water slides that we had to beg Owen to go down. So with her risk-taking instincts, I may just lock her up during those teenage years in the hope that Owen was not predicting the future today.