Exciting Times!

As the end of the school year approaches the kids are completely CRAZY excited for summer. Actually so am I! I have a great work schedule this summer with plenty of stay at home with the kids, play in the pond, just relax time.

Owen had a great year in school and is happy about a bedtime that includes darkness. Lately trying to put him to bed at 8 is like torturing him. We is a nature boy and he wants to be outside from daybreak until darkness!

Sophia is excited about spending 3 days a week helping Debi with the babies! She is such a good helper...she thinks. This is her last summer before school; which seems impossible. Seriously, where do the years go.

Trevor excited=GOLF!

I am excited about going to New Orleans! I have been doing a lot of reading and research to learn as much as I can before I get there. This trip is going to be fun, but at the same time, this is a unique opportunity for personal growth. I hope to get a lot out of the experience. I keep hearing how crazy I am for wanting to go to Louisiana in July...I am not sure why anyone is surprised that I am doing something that seems insane.

We have to live it up now because I know that in the blink of an eye Labor Day will be here, Owen will be a second grader, Sophia will get on the school bus for the first time, golf will end...bowling will start, I will be back from New Orleans and summer will be gone. Oh crap, now I have to whip the tears off of my keyboard!

Here are some start of summer pictures for your viewing pleasure...