FRECKLE Friday-Father's Day Edition!

I thought it would be nice to have a Father's Day Freckle photo. This a picture taken 4 years ago today on Sophia's first Father's Day. It is amazing how fast the years go! The kids have changed a bit, but Trevor looks about the same. He is a great Dad and the kids and I think the world of him. Happy Father's Day Trevor!

While I searched for the Father's Day picture, I saw this picture of my brother Eric with Owen. Not only is Eric a freckle face, but he will be a father soon. Happy 1st Father's Day Eric, we know you will be a great dad to that little "pup"!

So to honor my own father in the Father's Day edition here is a picture of my family with my Dad. He is crazy guy with the biggest heart in the world. (Although, with all the heart disease that runs in the family that isn't always a good thing-so I mean big heart in the good way not like enlarged heart!) He has a goofy way of showing it sometimes, but I know he loves me and my "pups" a bunch!