Freckle Friday-TFGIF...that first F is for emphasis!

Finally, the craziest couple of weeks of the summer is over! We survived baseball camp, swimming lessons and College for Kids! I'm not sure I would have been able to pull it off if I had to work a bunch too! So here is my salute to all you moms that work full-time and have to coordinate schedules for your family! I did need a little help from one of my Compound counterparts yesterday since I had to work. Yes - I really do have a job!

The kids had lots of fun in all of there activities and they did great. Sophia passed on to Level 2 in swimming lessons, and Owen only has a couple of things to keep practicing to pass out of Level 3! They both are getting more and more comfortable in the water. They both go off the low dive by themselves. Owen actually got most of the way out on the high dive, but as soon as the board began to spring back a little he decided it was not for him. He told me on the way home that maybe he'd go off of the high dive when he was a teenager...maybe.

Sophia had a fun time while Owen was at College for Kids. One day she went with the rest of the kids from the Compound to Aunt Christy's pool. We all love it there! It is so relaxing to have a lovely summer day and an entire pool with a water slide and diving board to yourself! As much as we love the pond for it's convenience-Christy's pool is worth the 40 minute drive once in awhile.

The next day we visited a friend of mine and her new baby Liam in Dubuque. Sandy has a beautiful place and a beautiful boy to go with. He is a sweet little baby whose picture makes Freckle Friday since I believe he will have adorable freckles, like his Mommy, in just a few years! Of course Sophia couldn't get enough of him.

Well that about covers our week. I leave for New Orleans next Saturday and should start getting myself prepared for my amazing trip. Have a great weekend!