Freckle Friday-Ultimate Fighting Challenge Edition

As I am putting the finishing touches on packing for New Orleans, I remembered Freckle Friday! I already had an adorable picture of the babes all lined up so it only took a minute. They are so sweet in this picture--it almost looks like they get along most of the time. Don't let these adorable freckles fool you. It has been UFC 101 here this week! Yesterday, the judge finally called the match, only because I (the judge) was ready to put the smack down on both of them Brock Lezner style!

If you who don't know who Brock Lezner is- consider yourself lucky...you must not have witnessed UFC 100-where he pounded another guys face in-literally. I am sure you can find it on youtube (Lezner vs. Mir) if you feel like you need to have your stomach turn.

I hope to check in from New Orleans a couple of times, but don't hold me to it. Have a good weekend-stay warm! There's some words you don't expect to say in July.