Freckle Friday-I ♥ Seattle Edition!

I thought I'd give you all my new address in Seattle. Which is apparently where we moved to!

1234 Stop Frickin' Raining Lane.

It is easy to find- it's near the corner of -I Need To Send My Kids Outside Avenue. & How About Some God Damn Sunshine Drive.
Just take a right on It's A Little Early For Seasonal Affective Disorder Boulevard.
Then a quick left on Time To Increase My Crazy Meds Parkway.
Look for the house with the padded walls and the bars on the windows.

The kids are adjusting well to the new climate. Owen continues to explore the outdoors-he just gets himself soaked doing it. Sophia has been perfectly content to stay in and play. They are even back to their old fighting and whining habits. It is just like back home except Mom is Vitamin D deficient and ready to SNAP!

Thankfully, there is a light at the end of the tunnel...Vodka with some vitamin fortified Sunny D!

Here are a few pics of Owen playing outside this morning. It was actually not raining for a brief time. I love that this photo is taken on August 21st and he is wearing a long and short sleeve shirt and a sweatshirt over top!

Sophia is ready for school. During the rain she has been writing and drawing a lot. She draws pictures of the whole family including Piper. You can tell it's the dog because she has about 10 legs instead of the normal 2 legged humans. Piper also has giant black ears in her drawings, other than that she looks like any other person Sophia draws.

I love the picture of her feet kicking while she is concentrating on her artwork.

Have a sunshiny weekend,