School |skoōl| noun: 1 an institution for educating children

Both of our lovely children will be in school this year; which seems a little impossible since I am only 11 years old.  Really, that is about how mature I feel somedays and having swine flu** this week really has me feeling a little codependent.  Friends & family have watched my kids, taken them to McDonald's for supper, and my mom has even helped out a couple times. 

So it seems a little crazy that I am responsible for the education of these two people.  I mean, I am still dealing with my own issues of incompetence and inadequacy when it comes to formal education. Thanks to these wonderful teachers they may just have a fighting chance!  

Tonight at "Meet Your Teacher", Sophia played with babies and didn't listen very well...just like every other day.  She made sure she fed all the babies and found all the nuks in the playhouse.  She kept interrupting her teacher who was trying to meet other children and parents.  Sophia's teacher has been a friend of mine for years.  Her son is the same age as Sophia. They have known each other since they were babies.  Sophia feels pretty darn comfortable around Laura so having to listen to her in this setting may pose a challenge.  There was full house while we were in her room tonight so we didn't get a photo of Sophia and her teacher.  Here is a picture of Laura at "Meet Your Future Student".  Not really, but this picture just proves that Sophia and Laura have known each other...since day 1!

Owen was quiet and helpful with his teacher.  Unfortunately, he has a large class this year (only two sections of 2nd grade) and most of his close friends are in his room.  I think the quiet, helpful boy his teacher met tonight may be hard to find at school on Tuesday.  For example-after "Meet Your Teacher" we saw his friend Blaise. They were like ADHD auctioneers on speed!  The two of them hardly took a breath during the 10 minute discussion about ramming girls with go-carts and snakes. I can hear it already..."Welcome to the principal's office boys...have a seat!"

Good Luck to Mrs. Busch & Mrs. Wiegel; we are looking forward to a great year!

**Note- I was not actually diagnosed with swine flu...it was a self diagnosis attributed to fact that I was at the drs. office twice this week and was weighed both times.  Yikes! Remember this Freckle Friday...yeah those extra pound I was content with...not so much anymore.  Ignorance is bliss!