Ode To The Christmas Letter....Clarification

I feel compelled to repost part of a recent blog entry.  I have upset someone and feel like clarification is in order.  This particular person, actually stuck her Christmas newsletter in my stocking on Christmas morning as a way to show her displeasure with my remarks.

Personally, I think she just wanted to convince me that her kids are "math whizzes", but since I know her stupid kids, she failed miserably at that.  I was convinced of her lack of reading comprehension skills since I'd made it perfectly clear the first time, that not all Christmas letters or the people who write them are bad.

This paragraph was intended for those cool people (the opposite of pretentious a-hole) who write funny, entertaining and clever "family newsletters".

"I am not saying all Christmas letters are bad. I know some people genuinely like to tell friends and family the crazy happenings in their household.  This blog is proof of that.  I have read very funny, lighthearted letters that leave me feeling happy, entertained, and informed about people that I don't often hear from.  These include wins & loses, happy & sad times, good & bad news.......LIFE.  They don't try to gloss over life and all that comes with it, with new houses and smart kids. These are letters I can relate to, because I don't get the impression that I am supposed to be impressed."

So my opinion stands.  Most Christmas letters suck with the force of a thousand hookers, but not all of them.