Freckle Friday-I've Been Missing This Edition

So as most of you know I've been pretty busy recently.  If you don't know, you suck because you must not be reading this exciting, thrilling, action-packed and titillating blog.

I used the thesaurus to quickly find words that could replace "exciting"....some may work better than others...and then again maybe none of them quite do my amazing, remarkable, jaw-dropping and phenomenal blog justice. 

Ok, the point is, I am busy, and you are busy too so on with this post.  Since January, my unhurried time at home with the kids has been limited.  So today, "Debi Does Daycare" had the day off and the kids did not have school, meaning I had to take a vacation day to take care of them.

Jesus, who am I...their mother?

Today, I am loving the whole part-time, stay-at-home (when the kids are not sick) mom role. We have played a couple of games of memory, danced to PINK, Ke$ha, Black-Eye Peas & Miley Cyrus, had lunch, made brownies for Owen's birthday party this afternoon, taken some pictures, checked out the Great Wolf Lodge online and booked a room (their birthday gifts from us).  It has been peaceful, relaxing and fun.

Sophia said two funny things today.  The bottom picture of her was when she missed a match while playing memory, it was taken about one second before she said..."Ohh, now I am mad and delightful!"

In the evening when she's being a pain in the ass, Trevor and I always say "She is delightful." Usually she is overtired, clingy, whiny and will not listen to a word anyone has to say.   Apparently, she does hear when she is being "delightful."

Later, she was drawing  in the same room Owen was playing with a noisy toy motorcycle thing.  She told him to be quiet because she is "drawing and trying to fancintrate."  I am assuming she meant concentrate...or fascinate.

Either way, here are the top 2 reasons I love being a mom: (in no particular order)
1. Owen
2. Sophia