Freckle Friday-V.D. Edition

That means Valentine's Day people!  Seriously,  I have only been back in college 1 month...I am NOT suffering with a scorching case of herpes yet.  

Do you know what is sad? That most college kids (although... I really have no way to validate this claim...so if facts are what you are into you should just exit my blog now) would probably not know where the quote about a scorching case of herpes even comes from.  Very, very sad.

So for all of those college kids (and the rest of you normal people that didn't watch movies over and over and over again...even if they were totally awesome) here is a salute to the scotching case of herpes movie.  

FYI...this clip does not have any words just the lovely instrumental music from the movie.  I thought I'd throw in a sweet touch since this was supposed to be a Valentine's Day post.  

Isn't interesting how just a normal everyday thing takes on a whole new level of crazy when it comes in contact with my 1980's movie saturated brain.

Enjoy the clip!  I love this song so much...I listened to it like 5 time this morning.