Today I'm thanking the calendar gods...

because everyday I have my calendar emailed to me at 5:17am.  This way pretty much the minute I wake up I know exactly what I have when, without having to dig out a paper calendar...my phone chimes at 5:17...kind of like an alarm clock and I look at what I have going on. Then I decide whether to get my butt out of bed or to roll back over for a few more hours!  This morning I didn't even look, because I thought I knew I had a full day with 2 Head Start classrooms and a senior mealsite in a Arena.  But after the kids got on the bus I checked my email and NOTHING.....................NOTHING on my calendar, except an eye doctor appointment for both kids at 3:30!  

OMG, I did a small cartwheel (ok that's a lie, I couldn't do a cartwheel if my life depended on it) and realized that I was going to have today to refocus and do some much needed studying after a record week of 5 photo shoots, 1 test, 2 quizzes, work, one loooonnng ass school board meeting and.....well isn't that enough?

Anyway, I'm taking a personal day.  I will be home studying the Global Landforms of Africa...really...and finishing my Algebra homework to prepare for my test on Thursday.  I'm also saying a little prayer of gratitude to the God of Google Calendars for clearing my day so I can clear my mind..........only to fill it with useless crap like Algebra and the Global Landforms of Africa!