So thankful for so much!

Another Thanksgiving is here, can you believe it?  I can't believe how the years fly by.  I remember Thanksgiving 8 years ago, Owen got an adorable little bib that said Baby's 1st Thanksgiving. I cannot believe that was 8 years ago already, it just doesn't seem possible!

As parents, Trevor and I, have so much to be thankful for, because the past 8 years have been pretty amazing! From the daily basis perspective, our days seem chaotic & crazy, but looking back on it as a whole it was been cozy & calm.  Of course there have been ups and downs, but we are so lucky the downtimes have been easy enough climb out of without of much effort and without anyone getting seriously hurt in the process. We have healthy, smart, funny, sweet and fabulously freckled babies that we are so thankful for.

As a couple, we've been tackling stuff together and have come out strong every time.  I'm thankful for the stability Trevor provides in my crazy {orange personality profile} world.  I'm grateful, he's supportive in years like this one, when I've decided to take an unruly path. One that may prove to be more trouble than it's worth, but because it is important to me he stand strong next to me, willing to see it through!  In our nearly 16 years together, I've never run out of gas, but I'm grateful that Trevor still bitches at me for driving on fumes. Although because I'm passive aggressive, I just bring his truck back empty next time...SUCKER!  Love you Trev.

Long before Trevor was my favorite supporter, I had these girls. The 3 women I'm most amazed by and grateful for everyday...not only on craft day when they show up with vodka & diet root beer floats! But let's be honest, I'm especially grateful that day, and if all goes as planned I'll be especially drunk too!  We've been through a lot and continue to pick ourselves up and go on to do unbelievable things...like eat our weight in Chex Mix & undercooked brownies!

What can I say, our families are the best! My siblings are the funniest, coolest people I know. My parents raised us kick-ass people, so they must be cool as hell too right? Right! We have strong & supportive parents who's love is unconditional...and for that I'm grateful. We share this safe and secure Compound with Trevor's family and we couldn't live this amazing life without their support. We love them all!

Have a great Thanksgiving, and many more!