Owen-the Birthday Boy!

It's so amazing how fast time moves.  It doesn't wait for you. The only way to slow it down is to STOP and enjoy it whenever you can.  If you wait until your less busy, have more money, at the perfect weight or whatever holds you back...you will miss it!  You will miss the precious moments that happen around you all the time-even when you're a size 16 or your bank account is non-existant.  Life doesn't care, it's here for you to notice and embrace or it's here for you to let slip away.

I try hard to remember to breathe LIFE in, as often as possible.  Especially on days like today.  Today Owen turns 9, and because someday like in 9 years from now when he's 18 (a man), I will want to remember the stuff that occupied our days when he was a boy.

Things like eating icicles and spinning on the swing until he can't walk straight.  The things that remind me that although he's growing like a weed and changing into a man more and more each day, inside he is still my amazing 9 pound baby, my precocious toddler with the vocabulary of a college professor, my raspy voiced preschooler singing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer, and my grade-school snuggler who blows me kisses as he gets on the bus in the morning.

Growing--yes...grown--no! So for today, I'm going to kiss and snuggle my birthday boy, because someday, my snuggler, will be tucked away inside a grown-up....next to a chubby baby and Christmas carol singer.