Good Friday...well now it is.

No school today so the kid and I slept in.  That would be me and Sophia-who much like me, is a gifted sleeper.  Poor Owen has other less useful gifts, like reading at a high-school level and having a nearly photographic memory.

So when Sophia and I finally rolled out of bed at 9 o'clock, I was feeling great.  Another beautiful day filled with cloud cover, misty drizzle and cold temperatures.

(I just have to say a little something here ...who ever pissed Mother Nature off, could you please just apologize to her, I mean it's Earth Day for God's sake.  Make amends so she will stop torturing the rest of us with this weird weather.  I'm guessing it was some moron who was all like, "I don't believe in Global Warming"- but that's just a hunch I have.)

I go downstairs ready to dive into a fun day of laundry and playing Memory until I want to blow my brains out. First things first though, I go to the counter and open the egg basket cookie jar, where I keep my coffee making supplies, and guess what?  No frickin' filters....SERIOUSLY!

Well, here is one of the great things about living in The Compound, I can make my kids run to grandma's house and bat their eyes for things like eggs, milk, chicken gumbo soup, and babysitters! Since Owen had been dressed since like 5:40 this morning and was dying to do something I asked him to go, and this is the reaction I got from him.

I'm not kidding!  So I gently placed my camera in a safe spot and wrestled the gun from his puny fingers and asked him sweetly (at gun point) to go to Grandma's General Store for a coffee filter. Which he did without hesitation (at gun point).

Tah-dah!  Not just one filter, but a couple of weeks worth. Thanks Grandma Margie, and thank you Dunkin' Donuts Hazelnut for making this a Good Friday after all.