Play ball!

Do you like our cheesy baseball photos? Sophia really got into the "cheesy" part.  She would rest her head on the bat, and try to look all tough.  It was pretty funny, until she took a swing, a little too close to my camera. Not cool! 
FYI: Owen's picture is straight out of the camera, no editing.  The light was so amazing last night!

Owen is getting pretty pumped for baseball season. He wore this shirt twice this weekend...yes, that means pretty much all weekend.  So we've moved from the Vikings t-shirt obsession, straight into the camo from head to toe phase, right on to the next chapter of Cardinals only clothing.
Look out Barry Bonds, this girl might break your hitting record!  She's probably got bigger balls too, Roider. Notice the killer shades, the wind was blowing dust in her eyes interfering with her slugging skills.