Primal Scream Therapy...blog style

I’m irritable today!  Why, you ask?  Well I don’t know for sure, but I have some ideas…

  • I’ve only had 20 minutes of facebook in the last two days.  I know it sounds crazy, but I think that I’m so used to knowing lots and lots of useless shit, like what went on at someone’s killer super bowl party or how much weight that girl I never see has lost, my body is jonesing for some nothingness!  I feel out of the loop, lost, but mostly I feel like a freakin’ loser admitting - I’m that asshole who got addicted to something as worthless as facebook!  What a joke.  I think the stayfocusd software will really help.  It is set at 10 minutes a day and it is staying that way!  I can’t facebook from work and looking at facebook on my phone doesn’t suck me into the endless abyss of facebook, so give me a few weeks and hopefully this crazy facebook junkie will be clean again. 
  • I went on a long walk yesterday and my calves hurt like crazy when I move!
  • I have a love/hate relationship with my job; the job I’ll be losing soon. I have a bunch of mixed emotions. I’m excited about the opportunity to move on, scared about my family’s future and security, pissed that my job is going away and what that means for the people who really benefit from what I do, sad that I have to leave an office full of people I’ve become friends with, and mad at people and organizations who can’t seem to think outside of the box for 3 seconds to find other options for saving money.  Having these emotions constantly twisting and turning inside is making me freaking nuts. Unfortunately, I have about 6 months left to stew in this turmoil, but on the other hand, my family is insured for the next 6 months.
  • I’m trying to not drink Diet Mt. Dew and I would sell one of my kids for some of that sweet, chartreuse-colored crack right now! 
  • I live in Wisconsin!  There I said it. Wisconsin has been pissing me off for a while now. Hey Mr. Farmer down the road, yeah you, the one who gets fists full of money every year from the federal government in subsidies, you’re an asshole for blaming teachers for our state budget crisis! Oh and hey Mr. Teacher across the street, yeah you, the one who has an assistant do most of your job while you sit at your desk filling out your NCAA bracket, you’re an asshole for accepting a paycheck and benefits while somewhere a good teacher is unemployed or working as an assistant for a much smaller paycheck!  Guess what, you’re both right! STOP with this cut and dry, right and wrong bullshit. STOP generalizing that all teachers/public workers are over-paid slackers, and that all Republicans are corrupt businessmen who like to see poor people suffer. Both sides to this freaking argument have valid points, but we are all going to lose if we don’t figure this situation out in a responsible & respectful way.  Let’s move FORWARD!
  • Sometimes my husband is a jackass, and today was one of those days.
  • Some dude in a Honda Civic, smothered in pro-life bumper stickers, nearly ran me off the road today, because he was reading a newspaper while he was driving.  Pro-life, really?!  So, your right to check your horoscope while operating a motor vehicle outweighs my right to decide what I do with my body.... how about a big F.U. for Mr. Pro-life.

Good day sir.  I said good day!