It's a new month and a new day...

From Jasmine Star's facebook page:
"I made up a word today: Wholefully. Loving wholefully. Like, to love one fully with a whole heart."

I'm a big fan of Jasmine's new word!  

I've made a plan to live wholefully.  Like, to live fully with your whole mind, body and spirit.

I want to know what you do wholefully or what you plan to do wholefully.  I'm willing to bribe for the information too!  If you leave me a comment explaining what you do wholefully (directly on my blog...not on facebook) your name will be entered into a drawing for your choice of a 8 x 12 Standout Display of any photo from my Macro Art Gallery.  

So leave a comment and let me know what do or would like to start doing wholefully, and you may have a lovely new piece of art to show off!


if you sign up to receive my blog via email you will get another entry in the drawing. Enter your email in the blank above this post and remember to check your email for a verification email to get Compound Confessions delivered right to your inbox.  If you are already doing this I will give you a second entry when I read your comment.  

I'm definitely not too proud to blackmail my readers into commenting.  I do what I have to do.  

I bribe wholefully!

Comments will close on Tuesday June 7th.  A winner will be randomly chosen and announced shortly there after.