Year 35...

Last week was my birthday.  It was like most birthdays are once you're over 25...not a big deal.  4 years ago when my friends and I all turned 30 we had crazy parties, got drunk and have hilarious memories that vary from people vomiting on the side of their car on the interstate to playing frozen pizza hide & seek. We had a blast, but being drunk in Milwaukee, sleeping on a hide-a-bed is the absolute last thing I want to do on my birthdays now.

Much like every other day of the year, I want my birthday to be calm, quiet and drama-free.  This year some of my family came and sat on our patio around the camp fire.  It was a beautiful night.  We had a couple of cocktails, the kids chased lightening bugs, I shushed my siblings from saying the F-word around the kids, Sophia fell asleep on a lawn chair under a blanket and Owen complained about not staying up late enough when I kissed him goodnight at midnight...actually I don't think he gave me a kiss, because he was mad at me about it.

I got to sit soberly and be grateful for all of the birthdays and other days, I've been blessed with. I'm grateful my kids are lucky enough to grow up in The Compound where they can safely chase lightening bugs all over creation.  I'm happy to watch my brother Jed texting like a maniac because he's finally dating that girl he's been smitten with for many years. I'm grateful my dad lives closer now so he can be part of these little gatherings, but easily drive home when he's tired rather than staying over night here. :) I'm happy that although my brother Eric didn't join us, he was home with his family safe & sound.

These are the gifts that make birthdays and everyday great.  Gratitude is a present you give yourself.  It is constantly repackaged for you to open again and again, and each time you do it feels brand new.  Year 35 promises plenty of change for me & my Compoundians.  By keeping a grateful mindset I plan to celebrate all year long no matter what happens.

Here are a few photos from my little birthday get-together.

Owen found 3 glow worms...this is quite possibly my favorite photo ever.  I love it!  

Sophia peeking out at me after wrapping her baby up in the stroller.

OMG! Jed is TXTing & drinking some "Premium"...that almost never happens.

Oh, are you tired JB?  Ba-bye then!

Goodwill gifts to myself...4 "new" plates and a "new" coffee mug.
I wish I could have done my wedding gift registry at Goodwill.  I love the hodgepodge look my kitchen has from all the cute stuff I find there.

Be grateful!