My Town {Road}

I drove around last night trying to find a lovely section of road to photograph for my post.  
As I drove, I listened to the Beastie Boys and kind of forgot about what I was supposed to be doing.  Instead I got sad & confused trying figure out how MCA got to be a 47 years old guy with cancer. He was 47?! 
What happened to these kids?  
image found on google 
Suddenly it hit me, in just a month, I will be 35! And I'm able to be driving around alone on a rainy Friday night jamming to the Beastie Boys because Owen is hunting in his very first turkey season & Sophia was sleeping over at a friend's house because they are 10 & 7 years old already!  

Damn it, so then I was sobbing and listening to Slow & Low wishing life had that tempo.