Last Day today means First Day tomorrow

I love how the end of one thing is the beginning of another. Today was the last day of school, which means, tomorrow is the first day of summer! For the next 104 days these guys are mine all mine.

Sophia, my 7 year old darling, is reading & spelling like a champ. She knows how to add, subtract (with her fingers), and can climb up the rope all the way to the ceiling. As old as she seems some days, she still plays babies & pretends to be our waitress while she sets the table-apron and all. She's cute as a button with a sassy streak. She chases rabbits around the yard in the mornings and wraps her guinea pig up in a blanket after school. She has 2 front teeth that have been missing since March and lost another tooth today while I was taking these pictures. 

She's my little snuggle bug and I love her so!

Owen Blair my double digit dude! This boy has best laugh ever, and his excitement for learning is like nothing I've ever seen. He is a chatterbox - ready to replay every detail of the story he's reading or the song he learned. He found a love for acting this year after seeing the musical Oliver, and being in the 4th & 5th grade production of Joust! He based his band instrument selection on his desire to play the Harry Potter theme song...French Horn lessons start in August! A couple of weeks ago he explained that he still wanted to be a scientist in the rainforest, but he wanted to live here some of the time. 

He's the coolest kid alive and I love him so.