10 on 10 for September :: The Pilot.

This 10 on 10 idea is not my own. One of my favorite photo bloggers Rachel Devine does a 10 on 10 most months - using her "Two Role Rule (bare bone info: 72 frames, no in camera deletion, think and purposefully make the photograph)." 
I love her monthly feature, and hope you will love my ripped off version. I may have to come up with some rules to challenge myself a little. I love the thought of less snap, Snap, SNAPPING a bunch of photos, and being really intentional about my clicks. 
I had a great time networking with some fun women (and budding photographers) at the Southwest Wisconsin Prairie Festival on Saturday. We talked shop, explored the beautiful prairie and enjoyed a lovely morning at Folklore Village
I love the fleece color on this sheep. Every year at the Iowa County Fair, I get excited for sweater weather. 

This year our weekend before back to school involved Monopoly and mule rides.

Busy Bees. I love my Canon 2.8 100mm marco for evenings on the patio. I was in heaven the other night when our lavender bush was full of honey bees.
Owen and some of his buddies decided to have a friendly fantasy football draft this year. Quite a learning experience for all of us. 
I love morning photo walks because the sun and dew make spider webs so beautiful.
I took the kids out for their annual half-birthday, back-to-school photo shoot. It was a gorgeous evening with great light. Since the kids have March birthdays, it can be hard for great shots outside right around their big day. Waiting to update their photos in September works perfectly!

The most exciting news yet...our Super Snacks for Super Kids project is just about ready for all of you! The cookbooks are at the printers and will be ready to ship very soon. Stay tuned for details about ordering your own copy. 

So what do you think of my little '10 on 10' update? I'd love to hear your thoughts - leave me a comment!