2012 in Numbers

What a year! 365 days ago when I dreamed what 2012 would hold for us I could not have imagined the goodness that would befall us during the year.

Almost every year I vow to lose weight and save money. Seriously, almost every year. How shallow is that? I actually feel ashamed to admit it. The saddest part - it never happens...ever. Most years I actually do quite the opposite and 2012 was no exception. Then every year for the last few days of December I sit here beating myself up because I failed miserably...again. I measure the success of my entire year based on the number on the scale and the number in my bank account. I realize how crazy this is! The unfortunate thing about New Years is that with all the resolution making & goal setting we often forget to reflect on the numbers that actually matter - the moments spent with the ones you love and the time spent doing "good" work.

55 degree difference from January 6 to January 15th

3 burial attempts of the frog who kept playing dead

1.1 million dollars bringing families together

0 plates to wash at Rudy's Bar-B-Q

17 birthday candles blown out + one for great uncle Blair

10 feet away from being alligator lunch

$10,000 in 30 days

600 practice cartwheels and 1st horseback rides

2,126 snack & super kid photos

10 point bucks and 2 point conversations

8 jars of honey (from neighborhood bees) used this year

 16 seconds of pumpkin balancing 

 3 floors of beautiful library accessible to everyone

1 spoiled rotten guinea pig

 60 degrees on Thanksgiving

 3 loves of my life

 2,000 books printed

a 50 year old family heirloom I adore

8,902 listens to Call Me Maybe 

1.5 inches of pure amazingness

50 stars & 13 stripes

1 morning of unbelievable clouds

 2,398,241 summer time freckles

3 keys  

89 year old great grandma Hazel

#29 and #19 showing their triathlon muscle

6th century Knight of the Round Table 

Fancy 80th birthday luncheon for great grandma Marilyn


These are the numbers that I'm counting this year. The moments that make our year real and our life unique. I'm making a different resolution in 2013. One I stole from Owen. A couple of days ago when I asked him what he wanted to accomplish in the coming year he said, "To be the best Owen Stephenson I can be. That's my only goal!"

Me too, Buddy!