Wow, it's a bit insane how fast 365 days really go! I thought I'd share some of the highlights of the last 365 days!
1. Friends~Old & New!
This year we've added a couple of people in to our world: Taggart and Catie are Sophia's newest and most adored friends, Jill & Sean have added a new competitive edge to our adult clique, and since starting my new job I have a number of new work friends, while at the same time I wish I could spend more time with my old ones. We had lots of memories with these additions as well as our Long Time Pals:
Vacations in Mexico and at Lake WI, Kickball Games (Champions by the way), Game Nights, Craft Day, Biggest Loser Competitions, Easter Eve at Sheddy's, Crimson Head shows, Birthday Parties (thank god we don't turn 30 every year...our poor livers), Weddings, and many, many more! I am sure that 2008 will be even more fun.
2. Family~Old & New!
Our family has only had additions this year, which is great! We have a new member of the immediate family, and so far Jared shows good potential at blending in to the craziness that is US. A bunch of new babies in the extended families. Little Landon came home from the hospital after 4 months!!! 2008 will be a changing year for him, I'm sure. How lucky, I (we for any family members reading this) am that with as many relatives as we have we have only added to them in 2007. Not all families are so fortunate! I want to take a minute to remind people to think (Thoughts are Prays) about those members of your family who maybe are trying to make 2008 a rebuilding year from a rock bottom 2007! We've all got them, and it can't hurt anyone to take a minute or two each day to send some positive vibes their way! I wonder how many additions 2008 will bring?
3. Everything Else!
Gee, the Friends and Family sections covered most of what I'd thought about. Which is good ... they are two major parts of a full and rich life. There are so many things I'd love to list, but for the sake of time and boredom I will leave you with these.

May 2008 bring you everything you want, but more than that... EVERYTHING YOU NEED!