OK... so today, I have the day off due to the snow...3-5 inches, and instead of getting all my housework done-I am online. Now, I ask you why? I LOVE the idea of having a blog & I LOVE checking out other people's blogs, but honestly, I am quite sure I am wasting a large amount of time on this less than cool or informative blog. I think that I am going to come up with a picture of the week kind of thing maybe. Schedule a night to sum up the week and show a picture that represents something from that...which is actually what my intentions were in the first place.

My new years resolution was to get more done, and sadly the only thing I have gotten done to avoid doing things. Although, my butt is getting bigger every minute I am on this computer! I am accomplishing Butt Growth for 2008!

So I am thinking that on Wednesday Night, while Trey-Trey(Jed's pet name for Trevor) is bowling and after my kids are asleep, I will spend time updating, uploading, and upchucking...No, wait that isn't right...Although if my butt keeps growing bulimia maybe the answer!

I am laughing a little at this point, because seriously, maybe two people look at this blog and I am sure that last thing they need to know is the "schedule" in which it is going to be updated!!