Stephenson Shenanigans

Take a look at last week-

BGoin and Sopherbabes ice skated for the first time! Sopherbabes had the cutest 80's Care Bear Skates, BGoin did a good job, he and his friend had a blast just pushing the little hockey goal around.

I went back to school for lunch and Aurora gave me a big hug, and told me what she got for Christmas. I don't miss school at all until I see the kids and people I used to work with. It is funny though before I left, as I was talking to a teacher...that same sweet Aurora from the hug- told me to GO HOME!

The Packers WON and for our small gathering to watch the game, I packed an entire bag of spinach (and some carrots too) into an 8x8 pan of brownies. The reviews were mixed. They tasted good but the consistency was weird. BGoin said he didn't like taste or consistency, and Sopherbabes ate about half the pan. Later in the week I make Chocolate Chip Cookies with an entire can of Chick Peas in them and they were GREAT...and gassy!! BGoin told his Grandma that I had smelly farts from eating too many cookies, Nice!

I took BGoin to Urgent Care because I thought he had Strep, turns out he had a virus... Hand, Foot and Mouth. He missed a day of school and still has some rash on his hand.

I hired a personal trainer for a few sessions to get me back to the gym and back in to my smaller clothes! She took my measurements and told me that my Total Percent Body Fat was 37%!! We are going to try to get that number in the mid twenties! That is a lot of working out!

Last night, about 30 minutes after putting the kids to bed, I heard Sopherbabes saying something, as I got closer to the door I realized she was singing...Hey, Hey, You, You - I don't like your girlfriend....I think you need a new one over and over again. She is about as sassy as Avril!

Today is Annabelle Briane Busch's birthday. This will one day be Sopherbabes sister-in-law...if her arranged marriage with Jackson doesn't fall though.

Pictures of the Week: