Couches and Cocktails

Just a couple of days until the event of the season! Seriously, this is turning out to be quite a little shindig. I am excited and nervous. I think that if used in the intended way, this should be a helpful and cost effective way to Christmas shop. The best part is that it is helpful on more of a local level than shopping at the mall, Toys R US or Wal-mart. I understand that the moneys spend are not completely staying in the area, but profits for the vendors is another way of "Shopping Local" this holiday season. I think that I have a pretty good handle on the party planning and preparation. This week has been killer though...Trevor is in Wyoming hunting. Owen and Sophia have been fighting off sickness and the BRAND new wood furnace is quite a learning experience. I have that one outdoor chore...filling the furnace and it has proved to me that, farming I could never do! I will say it I am too lazy or comfortable in my house. I bet that it is really rewarding though, 'cause just going outside for 10 minutes and keeping the fire going feels like an accomplishment. Just think of what nursing a calf or piglet to health must feel like. Really cool.
I am going to start a new "grateful for" part of my blog...I will express gratitude for a few things each time I blog and hopefully get online and blog a little more often.
Things I am grateful for:
1.Jed-As I looked at the pumpkins that Trevor and I hadn't carved with the kids, I paniced. Carving pumpkins is hard work...you have to be strong and artistic, which I am neither. So artsy and strong Jed has committed to helping me out. Yah! I am pumped for a couple of reasons. He has tools and is really good that this stuff, and he is going to help me make an OBAMA pumpkin!!! SWEET! I am so excited.
2. Tylenol and Motrin-What ever seems to be ailing my children can be helped with a bit of these "miracle drugs" every few hours. Keeping them feeling good and me from running to the doctor every other day.
3. Stephen Colbert-For real, he is the funniest man on earth and I want to have his children. Our love child would be funny, adorable, fake republican, and they would have the strongest wrists ever. I am kind of torn though, it is Stephen Colbert that I am lusting after, but maybe I should be pining after his writers. Is it the comedy or the man??? Sadly, we may never know.