An unforgettable day!

I cannot say just how much I was moved yesterday and last night.
First of all, I was excited for the end of all the celebrity phone calls, glossy mailings, and slanderous T.V. ads.
Secondly, as I pushed the button for Barack Obama on the electronic voting machine, I felt inspired at the possibility of change coming to America.
Later, as I worked the polls, I felt respect and thankful for people for coming out and voicing their opinion and using their right to vote, whether I agreed with their politics or not.
Lastly, as I laid in bed watching over 100,000 people singing, dancing, crying, but mainly standing unified together...young and old , black and white, rich and poor, I felt empowered and excited to be an American, again.

I felt that I was witnessing something so amazing that at 10:30pm, before Barack's speech, I woke Owen up hoping that he too could witness this groundbreaking moment. Although, that idea ended with a six year old sleeping restlessly next to me as I cried, I think a little sunk in. This morning he woke up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and came into my bathroom and shouted that "Barack Obama is the PRESIDENT!"

During breakfast, I tried to explain how so many generations of African Americans had to suffer and be repressed in order for Barack be where he is today. I personally believe that ALL AMERICANS will benefit from this, not just African Americans. We will all see and experience the change that America so desperately needs. It is amazing that Barack Obama is the first black President, something we are all blessed to have witnessed in our lifetime. That said, Barack Obama is not going to be a great President because he is African American, he is going to be a great President because he is a great man that happens to be African American. There are many white politians that should hope to have those credentials!