FRECKLES Friday! MJ Edition

So it is such a strange morning. I do not consider myself a huge Michael Jackson fan...I think mainly because I am the mother and most possible child molesters give me the creeps. But today as I watched the news and listened to the songs, that honestly I forgot, he sang and saw the footage of this talented little boy singing with his family- I couldn't help but cry.

I feel terrible that he had to die now - not at the peak of his career where he would live on forever as the talented young star with a life cut short or years from now after he had a real chance to redeem himself...either with a comeback musically or with some insight into his strange behavior in the pa

I have to wonder what happened to him. I cannot believe that just being a child star transformed that adorable little guy into the freak-like weirdo that died yesterday. Unfortunately, we will probably never know. I feel sad for Michael's family and my heart goes out to his children.

Speaking of freak-like weirdos: Meet my son Medusa! FYI- he got his haircut Tuesday so he can get a real job now. You know from that "get a haircut and get a real job" song. For real it is the only line I can think of and I have no idea from title or singer either...I think I've heard "You are not alone" and "Thriller" one too many times this morning. Help me out in comments if you can.
This picture of Sophia really doesn't have any freckles but it reminds me of Michael Jackson-either because of the crazy way he covered his children's faces or his own face. R.I.P MJ!