I love my life...

I have to quickly post that I have the best life ever. Tonight I had some fun with a friend and our kids. We had a blast! A couple of cocktails, lots of sun, some singing and sand throwing - all in good fun. These are the days, I really want to be done having children. I have the flexibility to have a "life" again. I love being able to enjoy myself and my kids at the same time and only at a certain age does that really happen. You can't be nursing a baby and chugging a slush while sitting on the beach, but watching your 7 & 4 year old play until they can hardly keep their eyes open is something that compliments a few laughs with friends on a beautiful spring evening.

On a more serious note-one of the girls playing here tonight is going to be losing her grandmother to cancer any day now. She is in 3rd grade and sang a sweet song about her grandmother being a survivor. I will pray for her tonight as I count may own blessings and hope that my children will not have to learn that lesson quite so quick.

Have a great weekend!