Freckle Friday-Friends Edition

I have been thinking a lot lately about friends.  I have old friends, new friends, work friends, family friends, facebook friends and I even have a handful of former friends.  But really, who are your "friends"??

This topic has been on my mind for a couple of weeks.  I listened to a show on WPR featuring the author of Consequential Strangers.  She spoke of the people in our lives that we know, but don't really "know".  Like the clerk at a grocery store or the person that deposits your paycheck every Friday.

Although, being from a small town it's hard to not really know those people.  More than likely you are related to one or have heard all about the other one at the beauty salon. 

But, you get my drift.  Consequential Strangers or Friends...what is the difference? Click on the link and find out. 

After taking the test, it is clear to me there is quite a difference. Many people I thought were "friends" of mine are Consequential Strangers.  It's not that I decided I don't like them as much, but because I finally have a name for them.  You hangout with them by association only or because you know they need support.  They are people you work with or used to work with. Sometimes they are even part of your family. 

This change really made the number of friends I have plummet.  Which is really not what the book is trying to convey.  The author wants us to understand the 
beneficial impact of Consequential Strangers.

I'm focused on friends for this post though...maybe because it is easier to type that Consequential Strangers.  The author is clearly not a friend of mine.  If she was, the book's title would be Passing Pals or Brief Buddies.  We'd probably be friends had I paid more attention to Mr. Peterson's keyboarding instruction and less attention to the shenanigans of Brian Dorsey.  Alright, enough about my shoddy typing skills and the charisma of Brian Dorsey.  On with the post...

In the past I used the term friend too easily.  In school you had new friends every time you changed classes, rode the bus, or started another sport season.  That is probably why most people are no longer in touch with their high school "friends".
I have some pretty strong relationships with some pretty amazing friends.  I am thankful for that.  They have been there for me through the best times of my life and also through all the CRAZY.  We make each other laugh, cry, and run half-marathons.  I see these people as a part of my future.  Right down 'til they have to spread my ashes in a Krispy Kreme shop

As for the Consequential Strangers in my life...they will come and go.  Probably with my kid's new friends, my workout routines, my siblings significant others, my career choices, my drunken rants, my shopping habits, my place of worship..which, like I mentioned above, is where my ashes will be spread,  and a much needed facebook "friend" clean-up.

Can Consequential Strangers ever become friends?  I'm open to that, but they have some pretty big shoes to fill.  

friend |frend| noun
a person whom one knows and with whom one has a bond of mutual affection, typically exclusive of sexual or family relations.
Have a Friendly Friday & a Wonderful Weekend,
**You may be one of my good friends and not be shown above...so stop freaking out people!