My opinion...for what it's worth.

Today some adults told their school children not listen to an inspirational speech made by the President of the United States.  

That makes me very mad.  

He is The President of the United States.

Whether you believe that his health care reform package is going to ruin our country, whether you think he is a socialist, whether you are still ill-informed enough to think he is a muslim or a Kenyan citizen...teach your children to respect President of the United States and listen to what he has to say.

He is The President of the United States.    

Removing a child from an opportunity to hear a public school kid, from a single mother voted President of the United States, inspire American children to do their best and push them toward excellence.  Really???

Do you have to agree with him?  Do you have to vote for him? Do you have to like him?

NO...but he is The PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.  The least we can do is acknowledge and respect him for the position he holds.  Not to turn our heads and ignore the man elected to lead our nation.  Adults need to be role models for our children.  As parents we should use this as a teachable moment.

After the speech explain your opinions to your children. At dinner tonight, explain your views on what make America great. Explain that hard work in school and life will get you places you never even imagined.  Explain that getting to be The President is one of those amazing things.  Explain that he has a really hard job to do. Explain that his actions keeps us safe and secure.  Explain that he and his family have chosen to put their "real" lives on hold for a while to try to better our country.  Explain freedom and that having a President of the United States allows all of us to live that way.

Republican, democrat, black, white, young, old, insured or uninsured...it doesn't matter.  Doing the job of President is not an easy one.  With it comes confrontation, praise, stress, validation, discourse, fame, failure and prestige.  

Our job, as citizens, is to encourage, challenge, debate, contribute, oppose and certainly recognize our President with reverence.

The President deserves our respect.  If you are willing to drive on the roads, attend the schools, use the libraries and earn a living in the United States, you should be able give some time and attention to the man who has been making all of that happen...not Barack Obama...The President of the United States.  It is not about the man behind the desk, it is about what that man represents. 

My baby went off to public school today.  A school that is going to prepare her to become anything she wants to be.  Someday she could be The President of the United States...if she feels like it's worth her time.

If our American way of life fails the child, it fails us all.  
~Pearl S. Buck