Freckle Friday-New Beginnings Edition!

The last day of summer was a beautiful day.  Owen had a few friends over and the kids played in the pond.  They had a blast.

Last days are full of so many feelings.  Excitement and nervousness to name a couple.

Think of some memorable last days.

Your last day of high school. You are so excited to get out of there, but concerned about when you are going to hang out with your friends again or what college will bring.

I remember the day before I was being induced to have Owen.  I knew when I left my house, I was coming back a parent.  Excited beyond words and scared to death.

I had similar feelings before I was induced with Sophia.  Excited for another member of our clan, but hesitant about the changes that were inevitable.

The last day at a job you've have been so comfortable in, but have clearly outgrown.  You leave consequential strangers that have become friends.  Knowing full well the next time you see them they will be consequential strangers again.

Yet, with each ending comes a new beginning.  That last child-free day was good, but being a family is amazing.  That old job paid the bills and was fine, but the opportunities since leaving have been unbelievable.  High school was a 4 year cruise around Darlington's Main Street, but life is a roller coaster ride everyday.

Here are some pictures of the end of summer and the beginning of the next season at the Compound.

I hope this is the start to a beautiful weekend.