Freckle Friday-Patience Is A Virtue Edition

Waiting is so hard.  I cleverly posted this Freckle Friday on Monday just to prove that.  I am sure you've all had a terrible weekend just waiting for my nuggets of knowledge.

"Be Patient."

We have heard that our whole lives.  Parents, teachers, bosses - they've all been known to remind us to be patient.  One would think after hearing that, so many times, we'd be better at it.  Being patient is really just choosing not to wait.  Patience is going on with your business.  Not begging, wishing, pleading, crying or whining about what you want to have happen.

Waiting sucks.  It sucks when you're a kid, it sucks when you're 15 and a half, it sucks when you're not 21, it sucks when you're engaged, it really sucks when you're pregnant, it sucks no matter which stage of life you're in.  We all believe that when we get to the next stage life will begin. However, the pattern of wishing and waiting goes on and on...if we let it.

Let's not wait anymore.  Let's enjoy where we are today. Let's live patiently in the moment.  If you are supposed to get to that next stage you will, when the time is right.  The only thing waiting does, is make us miss out on today.  Today is most important.  Today is where amazing things happen. Today is living.

I think this old saying is partly true...Good Things Come To Those Who Wait.
My re-write would be something like:  Good Things Come When They Should...So Stop Waiting And Start Living.

Every stage of your life has something new and terrific to offer.  Embrace it because it won't last forever.  Enjoy today and the beauty that comes with it.

And for those of you in my area...Enjoy the wind today.
Hold on.