Thursdays with Sophie.

Thursday mornings are great.  Sophia and I hang out in our pj's until we need to get ready for school and work. I am glad that my schedule allows me to be home with her for these last half days home.  I can't believe that next year she will be in school 5 full days a week.

Our Thursday mornings are pretty laid back.  She likes to watch Dora for a little while.  She loves watching baby videos on the computer.  Babies laughing on youtube is like Christmas morning for her.  Sometimes we play games on the computer or color.  She is a big fan of scissors, so usually there is a bit of sweeping that needs to be done when she is finished with her crafts.  Today she taped the scraps rather than putting them on the floor.  She is writing tons of letters and drawing like crazy.

I love my Thursday mornings with Sophie.  The first picture was taken today and the others were taken weeks ago, she loves her striped jambos.