Freckle Friday-Wep Whites Edition

To help prepare my house for Couches & Cocktails, I have recruited a certain 4 year old for some assistance with the cleaning. This is one of those times when it is not just easier to let her help.   I am hopeful that NOT all of the cocktails will be consumed during the cleaning as opposed to the actual party itself.

Cleaning with a pre-schooler is amazing.

First of all, there is the near constant questions about why her socks are wet, why she can smell bleach, why she hasn't ever seen me clean before, why I clean so often, etc.

Mommy why are you sniffing the Lysol? 

Secondly, she is a whole lot easier to ignore when I'm not trying to keep her from putting the toothbrush, that I use to clean around the toilet, in her mouth.  Of course today she decided that that old toothbrush that she hasn't seen in 2 years was always her favorite and she needs to meltdown about the fact that I have poisoned it.

I look forward to the day she spikes my Diet Mountain Dew with Drano just to get back at me for effing with her favorite toothbrush.  

The third and final reason that I so enjoy housework with a 4 year old, is the delightful pronunciation of
cleaning tools.

For example, the antibacterial wet wipes I use. They are Sophia favorite thing ever.  I think for a couple of reasons.  
1. They remind her of babies.  
2. They clean germs...which is a new obsession for Sophia...hopefully the fact that she started PK (with a teacher that is aware of germs more than most people... Some of which include- public health professionals and the CDC) the year the swine flu strikes, will not do any long term damage.  I don't think OCD runs in the family so she is probably safe. 
3. They don't drip.  Getting her socks wet is absolutely not OK.  

BUT all of those reasons aside, she calls them wep whites.  She has always struggled putting those two words together. You wouldn't even know most kids struggle with those words, but being a mommy from way back, they have been part of her vocabulary for years.  The harder she tries to say it the right way the worst it is.  It is so funny.

A sick, torture your child kind of funny.

Sophia -"Mom, can I throw this wept--wet--white--ripe--wepwrite away?"
Me-"Yes, Sophia throw it away, but only if you can say W-E-T  W-I-P-E."
Sophia-"WWW-EEE-P...no wait...WW-E-T WW-II-T...wait, wait, wait...W-I-PP-S??"

This process takes a lot of thought; you can just see the gears turning as her mouth and brain are working against each other.  I remember I couldn't say social studies until I was in about 6th grade so I understand what she's going through.  Hmmm...you'd think I'd not get such a kick out of it then wouldn't you?

By this time I am in a fit of laughter.

Although I can't be sure if Sophia is making me laugh or the Lysol huff is finally kicking in.  Either way, totally worth it.

Don't use any old toothbrushes this weekend.