Freckle Friday-Birthday Party Edition

I didn't get around to a whole lot of blogging today. Instead, I decided to mess around with some photos I'd taken recently.  I took pictures at a birthday party a few weeks ago.  They turned out really cute.  Here is a sneak peek...the rest are on my website.

Pretty Miss Anna Banana is a pretty easy subject...even when she is too tired to finish her cupcake.

This is also the weekend of my Daddy's (that is for you Summer) 60th birthday bash.  So tomorrow I will be spending some time getting that organized.  It is a pretty busy weekend, and should be lots of fun.

Then I have to buckle down and hit the books; this homework won't do itself.  If you haven't been to UWP & ME lately, check it out.  I can't believe I am done with 2 weeks already.  Time flies when your having fun, right?

Hopefully, my Dad has a lot of fun this weekend and enjoys another 60 years...ok...maybe not another 60 years, but still a long time.

We Love You JB!