Freckle Friday-We Pimped Our Ride Edition

Goodbye Yukon...Hello Ram

We traded our trusty GMC tonight for a lovely new truck.

I remember the day we bought the Yukon, almost 5 years ago exactly.  It was the 1st or 2nd of February;  I was due to have Sophia in a couple of months.   We were signing papers at the dealership, excited to be purchasing a new vehicle to accommodate our growing family.

As we finished up my phone rang.  (I have chills as I think back on this phone call)  My good friend Heidi, received news that day that changed life as we knew it.  She had CANCER.  It was totally insane, crazy news.  I remember feeling so confused.  She was a healthy, active not even 30 year old girl.  How in the hell does she have cancer?

The doctor said it could be cancer or cat scratch fever.  Of course, it was going to be cat scratch fever...I mean, her husband built her a cat condo outside of their front door. She is a feline freak who got some weird illness from her herd of kittens, that had to be it.  No way, it was going to be cancer.

But it was, and it sucked.  Heidi rose up.  She dealt with the treatments, the hair loss, and the madness of the entire situation, with humor, faith and courage.   Thankfully, Heidi got better.  She beat the cancer and verified to her friends and family that she is a warrior.  A brave fighter, willing to do whatever it takes.

As her friend, I didn't question her ability to overcome this bleak prognosis. I knew she could do it.  I did however question my own ability to help.  How could I best support her during this dicey and unfamiliar time?  Would I say the wrong thing?  Would my attempts at service be what she really needed?
It is hard to see a friend struggle with something earth-shattering and not know what to do to help.

Luckily for me and Heidi's other friends...she is bossy & controlling.  So when she needed or wanted something, she let us know.  She played the Cancer Card when she felt like it.  She knew that we'd help however we could, so she wasn't afraid to ask.

I believe that strong and healthy friendships work that way.  You know you can count on certain friends for anything.  You know that you can request things of them.  Because, when they are in need, you know you will be there to fulfill their requests.  The scary times will come and go, but the people that help you through them will not.

My memories of the Yukon will be many. Sophia coming home from the hospital, Owen vomiting in his car seat on the way to Missouri, or Trevor staining the carpet with that special blend of urine and blue dye. But more than anything, the Yukon reminds me of that time in our lives when we faced the biggest and scariest thing we could have possibly imagined.

As I sat at the dealership tonight signing papers for a completely different vehicle, I realized that I have another friend facing the biggest and scariest (yet completely different) thing we could possibly imagine.  Like 5 years ago with Heidi, I don't question her ability to conquer this challenge. I know she will be stronger when she arrives on the other side.  My fear is that I won't be able to help her like I should or I may say or do the wrong thing.  I hope she knows that no request is too great and that I am there for her no matter what .

I will drive my pimped out truck to hell and back with you, Dude.

I ♥ U