Freckle Friday-It's Go Time Baby Edition

This is my last weekend before the insanity starts.

Luckily, not much is planned...only 3 photo shoots, 3 birthday parties, a dinner with friends, working at the Midway, oh yeah and cleaning this disgusting crap hole I am living in.  

As of next Tuesday, I am not only a mother, wife, UWEX employee, photographer, blogger, bartender, laundry avoider, but I will also be a full time college student.  After yesterday, it hit me like a ton of bricks  books.

Yeah, I picked up these guys in the Textbook Center yesterday.  In the future, I will be referring to the Textbook Center as HELL.  Probably because, my good friend and UWP tour guide, Heidi left me there not sure what to expect.  She had a VERY important phone call or something to attend to.

So I make my way through the trail of college work study kids giving me directions like, the ever so helpful, "Ok, there you go".

Umm...go where exactly?  All I see is a room full of books, and a flock of Ugg wearing girls that weigh less than the chicken breast I ate for lunch.  Books and skinny girls=things I can tolerate for only so long.

Of course, because I'm a resourceful 32 year old,  I figured it out after getting familiar with the system for a few minutes. I wandered around, picked up my books and left before any Ugg wearers were harmed.

Have a great weekend,