Freckle Friday-Life Lived Edition

Wow, so January 1 of 2010 is already almost over.  I know it's cliche, but for real, time flies.

I remember like it was yesterday, the time I called our local Cake Nazi to book her for baking our wedding cake.  This was in late 1998.  When she asked the wedding date and I said May 6th 2000, she scoffed "Well, I'll do it if I am still alive then!?"

WTF?!?!? You'd have thought I asked if she'd provide wedding cake for my space station wedding in 2077.  

I understand that I was booking about 18 months before the actually wedding date, but her wedding cake is so good I didn't want her to be all filled up.  Unfortunately for me, I hadn't realized she'd already penciled in her death sometime in 1999.  Probably during Y2K.

I wonder if she worried that her oven's digital clock was going to malfunction, come alive and bake her Hansel and Gretel style.  

The good news is that she apparently unplugged the oven, stocked up on batteries and bottled water, and froze enough white wedding cake to last the through the apocalypse, because as far as I know the Cake Nazi is still alive and well.  She was alive on May 6th 2000, but I went with baker a little less dramatic.

As I sit writing on my blog on 01-01-10, I am struck by how much life we've (Cake Nazi included) lived in the last decade.  A good friend of mine really got me thinking about it last night.  She has given birth to 4 children in the last decade.  Ten years ago, I knew Jamie.  Now I know and love Heath, James, Carson, Catie and precious little baby Grady.  Not to mention all of the extended family I have met through the years.  Isn't it a little crazy just how many things come in and out of your life.

In the last decade I've:

  • had 3 different jobs
  • had an alligator in my house
  • remodeled and sold our first home
  • lived with my in-laws
  • been pregnant for 18 months (not consecutively)
  • realized that Madison is not in the middle of the state
  • given birth a couple of times
  • built a house
  • been out of the country twice (Europe & Mexico)
  • become an aunt to 1 niece and 5 nephews
  • been stung by a wasp in the crotch
  • met and fell in love girls named Aurora & Muffy
  • been on antidepressants 
  • traveled to New Orleans, Colorado and Missouri
  • lost my uncle Don & Trevor's grandpa Frank
  • had to explain death to a 3 year old
  • been to Stevens Point more than times than I am proud to admit
  • weighed almost 300 pounds & weighed half of that (for like a six minutes)
  • spent two years nursing my babies
  • ran a half-marathon 
  • survived what some consider the end of the world as we know it...FURLOUGH
  • been on a championship kickball team
  • had a friend diagnosed with cancer
  • been to therapy
  • seen a trail of blue diarrhea with my own eyes
  • learned the hard way, how many blueberries is too many for a 2 year old
  • buried the sweetest dog to have ever lived
  • watched my babies get on a school bus for the very first time
  • become a sister-in-law
  • thought that bread was the enemy
  • wanted to castrate a babysitter
  • learned to love being outside with nature...thanks Master T
  • laughed until I've cried
  • cooked at a restaurant
  • stood up for myself
  • potty trained 2 kids
  • written a letter to the editor
  • whitewater rafted on the Colorado River
  • been depressed
  • had a friend beat cancer
  • met people that have changed my life
  • taken at least 30,000 pictures
  • started to raise two cool kids
  • had 5 cameras
  • married & remarried my husband
  • written letters to a guy in prison
  • been excited about 1 presidential candidate
  • been to a friend's wedding and been invited to the same friend's second wedding
  • enrolled in college
  • bartended
  • presented at a state conference
  • nearly died of nervousness
  • come to terms with bread
  • cried until I've laughed
  • gone on a date with Greg from the Wiggles
  • started a blog
  • considered making out with guacamole
  • had short & long hair
  • learned to trust my instincts
  • wet my pants while laughing, running, coughing, sneezing, jumping & playing Wii
  • welcomed Natia, Mila, Zori, Tag, Jackson & Annabelle + the Hartwigs to my family
  • forgiven my parents 
  • had 4 cars
  • worked in the best office in Iowa County
  • walked around the Garden of the Gods in a wedding dress
  • eaten & drank to the point of vomiting 
  • fallen in love with public radio
  • become friends with people I've envied
  • been friends with shallow people
  • missed working with Gerianne & Vonee
  • read thousands of bedtime stories
  • craved an OBAMA pumpkin
  • watched my grandparents age, my love for them grow and my pride in them deepen
  • found my secret identity as the F-Bomber
  • become a Goodwill whore
  • discovered my passion for writing, photography & learning
  • taken a Yoga class
  • realized that it's perfectly acceptable to not like members of your family
  • turned 30
  • learned to enjoy coffee, wine, beer & tea
  • had at least 3 cell phones
  • cried tears of joy on election night & during the inauguration 
  • learned to use and love DVR
  • planted, tended and eaten from my own garden (grown 1 chive...literally 1 chive)
  • embraced what is-as it is, and know that I can change what isn't working for me

As I look back at the last ten years, I find myself full of mixed emotions. One minute I'm smiling and laughing as I think of wonderful memories with friends and family, the next minute I'm tearing up as I remember the hard and sad times with the very same friends and family.  I'm proud of the accomplishments and growth, and disappointed by some of the mistakes.  More than anything I am excited about the next ten years and possibility of all the living we have left to do.

... and beyond

Happy New Year,