The shearing of a 7 year old...



Seriously, who is this boy I brought home from "Misty's Beauty Salon" (Hair Unlimited)?

He looks like a different kid.  A kid who has parents that love him.

As much as Owen hoped to turn into Medusa with a headful of snakes, even he, knew the long hair situation had gotten out of control.

Unfortunately for me, I actually could see into his ears tonight and realized he needed a date with a Q-tip or 6.

Yep, I think Brit Spears, Kate Gosselin, and The Octomom are going to have some serious competition for Mother of the Year 2010!



  1. Now THAT is some serious "bokeh" Julie. Very nice! What lens did you use?? I am seeing a "real" camera in my future...
    On a side note... Your blog keeps crashing my iPod. What the heck do you have against iPods?

  2. My blog just doesn't like your iPod.

    Umm..the lens was a 50mm 1.8f Canon. It is my newest lens. I love it. I took a ton of bokeh pictures a couple of weeks ago and think I have the hang of it now.

    I would recommend a "real" camera. If you enjoy photography, which you do, you will not regret it.

    How is Enery the 8th?

  3. Your blog sucks! No, I mean my iPod thinks so...
    Well, I bought a "real" camera today. You should be proud. Now I just need to figure out how to use it!
    Hopefully I will have some *gorgeous* pictures of the Hankster to show y'all soon. He is doing well though... Not crying quite as much!


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