Freckle Friday-Spring Break '10 Edition

This week was the kid's spring break.  The weather was beautiful, filled with windy days outside and late nights playing Memory and Mastermind.

Snake season began this week-he's found two already and is constantly on the lookout for more.  His freckles are really coming on full force with the extra sun he's gotten the last few days.  Today he asked, "Is tomorrow Sunday?"  I said, "Yep, tomorrow is Easter."  To which he replied, "Crap!" I don't think he is real excited about going back to school yet.

Sophia is trying to break the world record in "How Many Times A Family Can Play Memory In A Single Day."  I hope all of this brain usage is paying off for her since we've neglected to teach her anything...including her last name.  She has been swinging a lot; she loves going super high.  She has also seen her favorite baby a couple of times this week, so I think she has had a good week.

Overall, a relaxing and refreshing spring break.  Here are a few pictures.

Happy Easter.