POTW...Photos of the Week

Clearly POD was not working out great.  Too busy!  So I think I'm going to try a POTW post. Standing for Photos of the Week.

This week the themes are SCHOOL, SPIDERS and SCRAP PAPER.  

Let's start with SCHOOL!
Meet Owen the 3rd grader and Sophia the only Kindergartner in history that had to nurse her baby before she got on the bus!  

They almost look like they love each other, don't they?

Waiting for Digger's bus.
  Sophia has been excited about riding Digger's bus for a year now.

There she goes!
Crap! Who's going to nurse that baby now?

Up next: SPIDERS

We have a collection of garden spiders around our porch. The webs look so beautiful in the morning with the dew on them. I had to take some pictures.

I have a feeling this is what every piece of paper on my desk is going to look like for the next 16 weeks.
Haven't had a math class in 16 years, and I'll be honest...I haven't missed it!

See you next week, unless I'm buried in these little pieces of paper.

Have a great Labor Day weekend.