My sister wears too much...people think she's a whore.

I love spring and summer so much.  The pond swimming, meat grilling, and fresh fruits & vegetables along with a million other things make this the best time of year.  That said, I have to confess one small part I hate...how smart-ass sassy my daughter gets in the evening.  She is so dog tired from a full day of school, and non-stop playing outside that her attitude is out of control.  Nothing but back-talking, and fun comments like “No!” and “I don’t want to!”  I look into her adorable blue eyes, as she stares me down with that “Screw you, I am not picking up my dirty socks” glare, and I catch a glimpse of the teenager she will become….

Tonight, after about an hour of constant sassiness, I told her that if she talks back one more time I was going to...(pausing a moment as I struggled to come up with a good threat)...make her eat some of the peel off the orange they had just eaten. Without missing a beat Sophia’s reply was, “I don’t care!”

Umm...now what?!  Do I let her call my bluff or do I make her eat orange peel.  Oh yeah, that’s right, I make her eat orange peel! And a decent size chunk too!  Does, she protest or apologize?  Nope, without hesitation this girl grabs the peel and pops it in her mouth, like Jimi Hendrix dropping acid. She started chewing it up, all the while staring at me and occasionally saying “What, I like it!”  Finally after about 5 minutes of chewing on it like a cow chews cud, I say “Are you going to swallow that or do you want to spit it out?” She said she wanted to spit it out.  I told her I would let her this time, but the next time she talks back to me after I warn her to stop she will “chew up and swallow an entire orange peel!” She seemed convinced, but I’m not buying it.

Looks like I better stock up on citrus.