Cricket Symphony debuting tonight in The Compound...

The summer schedule in The Compound is a lot different then the rest of the year. All 3 households have more flexible schedules once school is out so bedtimes are pretty much nonexistent. Summer is a wonderful blend of pond swimming, bike riding and snake catching all day, followed by ghosts in the graveyard, dance parties and fire pit smores into the night. The days & nights are filled with the sounds of kids laughing, squealing and singing as they play with one another. Playing outside until well after dark is fine during June and July but now, about 2 weeks before school starts, we all start to get serious about the school year routine. 

Baths are taken and teeth are brushed at the same time baseball games were in the 1st inning a month ago. Bedtime arrives during what was dinnertime a week ago. Shampoo smelling school agers are reading bedtimes stories while The Compound is still illuminated by a setting sun. Tonight as I type this post the air is filled with crickets chirping, dogs barking and cars passing. These sounds usually compete with the laughs, songs and squeals of young Compoundians enjoying in the delights of summertime, but tonight the crickets are stealing the show.