Who the hell needs Tony Robbins?!

"Little bit scary, but lots of fun."

This is what we once told Owen when he was little to describe tall slides, big pushes on the swings and any type of carnival, fair or waterpark rides.  This little jingle helped him remember that everything was going to be OK.  He sang it to himself as he pumped harder and higher on the swings, and he sang it to himself as he climbed up the steps of the really high slides.

He was a very cautious kid.  Luckily, he wasn't completely frozen by his fear, and he trusted us.  He knew we weren't going to put him in any kind of danger, so with a little coaxing he began to try one thing after another as he felt ready.  He just needed that reminder jingle to help him through.  Slowly over time, he realized the scary stuff was usually a total blast, and he began to need less and less coaxing.  The jingle was put up on the shelf, set aside for really big things like the high dive and the Black Anaconda.

My heart and soul are completely sure that I'm ready for this next part of my life...The part where I use my talents & gifts how I see fit.  The part of my life when I'm not just working for insurance or a paycheck, but working to actually live!  The part of my life when I choose love, contentment, and happiness with every new paragraph I write and every photograph I take.  The part of my life when I choose to help others reach their potential, not because I'm paid by some organization, but because it's what I want to do!

Yes, my heart and soul are convinced, but sometimes my head isn't. For the last few weeks, my head was stuck in TOO SCARY & TOO RISKY mode, and I was having a hard time moving out of it....until yesterday, when Owen says to me as he is getting ready for swimming lessons, "I can't wait to go off the high dive, I like the nervous feeling when I'm on the board and falling toward the water, and when I come up I feel totally awesome. I love it!"  My once jingle-needing little boy stopped me dead in my tracks.  As he finished the sentence, I had tears in my eyes and I shouted..."Yes Owen! Exactly, that's what life should be like - scary & awesome. That's where the good stuff is!"

Although, I shouted his name I think I meant to shout "Yes, Julie!!!!" Owen's wise words were all I needed to jerk my head out of panic mode and shove it right into BRING IT ON mode.  I trust my instincts, and I'm not frozen by fear, and occasionally I may need to sing that little jingle when my head decides to dive back in TOO SCARY & TOO RISKY mode.

How about you sing it with me "Little bit scary, but lots of fun!"

I'm quite sure, I've learned as much from this cautious dude, as he's learned from me.

This little girl defies the word caution. She goes balls out and never looks back!

I could not have better life coaches.