Manic Monday: Phase 1 of the From The Compound Fall Schedule starts today.

Here's the breakdown:

5:45-6: Julie & Trevor Wake up
6-6:30: Showered & dressed (to shoes), bed made 
6:30-6:40: Julie wakes kids and start a load of laundry
6:30-6:40: Trevor downstairs starts breakfast & makes coffee
6:40-7: Kids showered, dressed (to shoes), & hair combed
7-7:20: Breakfast & teeth brushed
7:20-7:35: Grab backpacks, coats, iPod and WALK to grandma's or bus with Mom & Dad. 
Dad goes to work...SUCKER
7:20-7:35: Drop kids at bus or grandma's and go for walk/jog (Long Merry Christmas Loop) 
8:30-9: Shower, dress to shoes, little makeup, and leave for UWEX.

This schedule will change in 4 weeks from today, when I get rid of that pesky little thing called a job.

Have a great week.