Summer has come and passed...

I love today's reading from Daily Affirmations For Parents by Tian Dayton.  I'm pretty sure this book was written just for me. 

August 31st...

Life's Turnings

Today I accept my life as a long road with ups and downs. I have had all sorts of experiences, some painful, some joyous; a myriad of subtle changes woven together to make my life. My child's life is the same. She already has seen much of living and each thread is woven to the others to create what is and will be her life.  We are on a continuum together.  Beginning and ending seem almost an illusion when I let this awareness of the vicissitudes of time wash over me.  Events seem like part of an overall picture or pattern.  It's nice to feel a part of something continuing.

I accept life as a pattern.

"What is more enthralling to the human mind than this splendid, boundless, colored mutability! Life in the making?" David Grayson